Pre-Surgical Instructions


If your physician requests that you take premedication prior to dental appointments, take it with water prior to a surgical procedure.  Please discuss any questions you may have in this regard with Dr. Colón, Dozier and Barnett prior to the surgical appointment date.

Take any prescription medications as you would normally unless otherwise instructed. Make sure you understand how to take your normal prescription medications the day of surgery (Examples: Blood pressure medication). In most instances we want you to take your normal morning medications with some water, even if you are going to be sedated. In other instanced we need to coordinate with you and possibly your physician on how to adjust meds (Examples: Coumadin, Insulin). The answer to your questions could vary depending on the type of procedure you are having.


For a sedation procedure you will need access to your arm for an IV site.  All patients are monitored with blood pressure and other monitoring during surgical care. Comfortable attire makes this monitoring easier for you. For all procedures, comfortable attire should be worn. If you are to be sedated, please read our instructions titled Before Anesthesia.

After Surgery

Following any type of surgery, some discomfort is to be expected. Please plan on resting the remainder of the day of surgery and the following day or two. Plan light schedule for 4-5 days following surgery (this is always necessary but should be planned). As always, please review your specific post-operative instructions (Dental Implant, Soft tissue graft, Periodontal Surgery) so you can ask any questions your scheduled surgery date.