Simplant CT Software

Screenshot of SimPlant, a software for the dental surgeon who likes clean 3D images.

Simplant, Anatomage and Straumann cares are 3 options owned by PANF and utilized based on the indivual case.  They are all similar yet there are reasons in which Dr. Colón selects one over another for your particlualr planning.  Their purpose is similar and most commonly Simplant will be utilized.

SimPlant is a software for the dental surgeon who likes clean 3D images.

SimPlant has been created to help the implant periodontist determine the perfect location for every implant while at the same time achieving the finest esthetic result. SimPlant is full of tools that embody that purpose:

  • Implant creation
  • A library with more than 8000 different implants and abutments including Straumann and Astra that Dr. Colón prefers
  • Nerve creation in order to highlight the inferior alveolar or mental nerve and work in a manner to not interfere with these important structures
  • 3D transparency tool for investigation of the position of the nerve towards the implants
  • Easy assessment of the bone density
  • True 3D planning, involving realistic implants and views inside the bone
  • Obtaining guides that provide for sub-millimeter surgery accuracy