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We’re Loopy for Loupes!

Ever wonder why your Periodontal Associates of North Florida (PANF) hygienist is wearing those giant glasses? Why, the better to see you with of course! Those giant glasses are called “loupes,” and you will notice that all of our hygienists wear them. Loupes provide 2.0-to-4.8 times the magnification compared to the naked eye, while also […]

Surprising Cavity Killers

Most patients are aware that brushing and flossing is the central defender of cavities. However, there are other ways to keep your pearly whites healthy!  These foods, drinks and tips may help prevent cavities and tooth decay: 1)   Cheese – Being cheesy isn’t always a bad thing. Casein, a protein included in cheese, increases calcium levels […]

What Good Oral Health Means When You Are Pregnant

If you are pregnant, you already know how important it is to take care of your body, especially during this exciting time.  A nutritious diet, regular moderate exercise and adequate sleep help protect both your health and the health of your baby.  What you may not already know is how important your oral health is […]

Can My Dental Implants Get Cavities? (And Other Common Questions)

I hear dozens of questions every day about dental implants from curious patients.  I welcome all patient questions and I try to provide helpful answers. To help you better understand an upcoming dental implant procedure, we’ve compiled a top-five list of the most common questions about dental implants: 1.  Can dental implants get cavities? No.  […]

Considering an Upgrade to Dental Implants?

Have you been thinking of upgrading your current tooth replacement strategy but aren’t sure where to start?  This is a great time of growth in modern dentistry, especially when it comes to replacing missing teeth!  With the evolution of dental implants, patients don’t have to suffer some of the pains of the past when older, […]

Crown Lengthening to the Rescue: When Gums and Teeth Need an Intervention

When the gum to tooth relationship has deteriorated, you may hear us suggest a procedure called “crown lengthening”.  Many patients are a little bit hesitant about having this procedure done because it’s a relatively new idea.  They simply aren’t sure what it is and more to the point: they aren’t sure why they have to […]

A Clean Tongue 101

Did you know that 50% of the bacteria in your mouth live on the surface of your tongue? Also, a tongue cleaning is the single most important step you can take toward diminishing bad breath. We all know just how important brushing and flossing is to our oral health, and sometimes tongue scraping takes a […]

Soft & Healthy Foods After Dental Implant Surgery

On our website and social media channels, we have thoroughly explained why and how oral surgery is beneficial. Here’s a reason that has gone unmentioned: it will make you appreciate the solid foods and acidic drinks that you aren’t able to eat or drink immediately after your procedure.  Sandwiches, chips, and orange juice should all […]

5 Points for Wearing a Mouth Guard During Sports

It’s easy for people to not realize what they have until it’s gone. Imagine what it would be like if you were missing one of your front teeth? You’d probably be a bit embarrassed smiling and talking, and not to mention eating would feel pretty abnormal as well. The good news is that taking preventative […]

The Warning Signs of Periodontal Gum Disease

Have your gums ever bled when brushing them? Bleeding gums is one of the first tell tale signs of periodontal disease when brushing or flossing. Many people experience bleeding gums when practicing oral hygiene but simply assume it is from brushing too hard or not flossing enough. However, bleeding of the gums is not normal […]