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All Oral Bacteria is Not Equal

The mouth harbors a diverse and plentiful and microbial community due to its hospitable environment. It is warm, nutrient-rich and maintains an ideal pH balance. This highly diverse microflora inhabits the various surfaces of the normal mouth- gums, teeth, tongue, and cheeks. What many people don’t realize is that most of the bacteria are beneficial organisms and […]

Treating Difficult Areas of Periodontal Disease

Dear Doctor, I’ve been having gum treatment for years, but there are teeth in my mouth that are still losing bone support. My periodontist has suggested localized antibiotics in these areas. Is this a good idea? Dear Eric, The goal of any periodontal treatment (“peri” – around; “odont” – tooth) is to keep the supporting […]

Gum Disease, Do You Know the Signs?

Understanding the signs of gum disease can prevent needless worry and potentially save you both time and money for treatment. While many people think bleeding gums is caused by brushing too hard, the truth is that you would have to brush extremely hard to make healthy gums bleed. Bleeding when brushing, flossing, or even eating […]