We’re Loopy for Loupes!

loupes collage

Ever wonder why your Periodontal Associates of North Florida (PANF) hygienist is wearing those giant glasses? Why, the better to see you with of course!

Those giant glasses are called “loupes,” and you will notice that all of our hygienists wear them. Loupes provide 2.0-to-4.8 times the magnification compared to the naked eye, while also providing essential eye protection during dental procedures. These special glasses provide many benefits to our daily lives as hygienists.

Of course we know the loupes magnify what we are seeing as we look through the lens. This means we can better visualize the health of your gum tissue and teeth to provide the best possible periodontal maintenance cleaning during your visit in our office. This magnification enables our hygienists to more accurately detect calculus (tartar) deposits, possible carious lesions (decay) and more precisely measure the periodontal pocket readings for our diagnosis and monitoring of your gums. When you hear us calling out a string of numbers, we are in fact gathering some very precise and useful data for Dr. Colón! (More to come on that topic!)

Never a pain in the neck, loupes always have our backs…literally! Loupes help prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSI) in our hygienists’ hands, meaning we don’t have to bend over the patient or lean our heads down to see an area in closer detail.  Each pair of glasses is custom-built to accommodate the working distance of each individual hygienist.

At PANF, we are proud to provide our patients with the best care in a clean, safe and inviting environment. Visual examination is one of the most basic and important tools dental professionals use to evaluate oral health. Loupes ensure that we maximize what we can see and provide you with the best results possible. The next time you are in our office for your periodontal maintenance, ask us about our loupes!