When to Refer

We are committed to working with our referring offices to provide the best possible outcome to our patients. The suggestions below are to increase the effectiveness of our treatments, reduce discomfort to patients, and keep treatment costs to a minimum.

Clinical Presentation/Condition

  • 6mm+ probe depths particularly without multiple local factors (calculus/plaque)
  • Vertical bone defect on radiograph
  • Recession of 3mm+ (if there is less than 2mm of keratinized tissue)
  • Exposed roots, furcation involvement
  • Complex patients (co-morbidities perio + diabetes)
  • Peri-implant disease, periodontal abscess (immediate referral)
  • Patient age younger than 40 with bone loss and probe depths 6mm+

Treatment Resistant

  • Post SRP 4-6 week re-eval, if fail to get a good response (probe depths still remaining 6mm+ localized or generalized 5mm+)
  • Unresolved inflammation at any given site
  • Refractory/recurrent disease

When you refer a patient to our office, we do our best to see a patient within two weeks of the referral or same day if it is needed. Please contact us by phone if a patient needs to be seen right away. Our staff will work to accommodate when at all possible.