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Cone Beam Scan


Cone Beam Scan Technology

This Advanced technology is used to determine the exact bone dimensions for dental implants.

Our practice offers the latest technology to our patients that can be used to determine the exact height and width bone dimensions of their jawbones. The GXCB-500 HD Medium Field of View Cone Beam system, featuring an advanced High Definition sensor for precise i-Cat-Powered 3D scans and detailed 2D Panoramic images. This 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner allows Dr. Colón, Dr. Dozier, Dr. Guzmán and Dr. Chon and our patients to view and discuss their individual bone and anatomical landmarks during the treatment planning stages. This is especially useful when determining dental implant placement. Locations of all important anatomy including nerves, sinuses, pathology, and bone measurements can be determined by the scan.

Cone Beam
This technology offers our patients a true evaluation of bone thickness and aids in determining in advance where the safest locations are to place implants. Old fashion dental x-rays are presented in 2 dimensions, providing height, not width bone dimension. It is Periodontal Associates of North Florida’s goal to provide the safest and most accurate surgical and cosmetic result possible, through knowledge and preparation regarding the patients anatomy.