IV Conscious Sedation

IV Conscious sedation help patients with dental anxiety.

It is a safe and effective way to reduce the pain and fear of going to a dentist.

Dental anxiety ranks among the top fears for American adults. It often stems from negative past experiences, and it can cause patients to avoid dental visits until pain strikes. Dr. Colón, Dr. Guzmán and Dr. Zellner understand your apprehension and your desire for a comfortable periodontal visit. We offer IV sedation to provide you a more positive experience. Particularly this is recommended for complex procedures or a patient starting treatment after a negative past experience.

IV conscious sedation has helped thousands pursue their periodontal care without pain, fear or anxiety. Our doctors and team have decades of experience with IV sedation in Tallahassee, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving gentle, experienced anesthesia care.

Dr. Colón  is certified and licensed by the state of Florida for conscious sedation.  He was trained in sedation during each of his 3 different types of postgraduate programs.   During  his training at each Vanderbilt University Medical Center and University of Kentucky Medical Center he trained with their respective Anesthesia Departments. As a member of the ADSA Dr. Colon maintains yearly continued education in this area twice the required amount necessary to maintain his credentials.

Staff in lobby
Just as important as the techniques and continuing education we maintain in this area, is our experienced staff. Every member of our team has experience with dental phobia and knows the importance of kindness for each visit. A warm, friendly, caring environment is always our goal. We take the time to explain our treatment options, letting you know what to expect and eliminating surprises.

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